This page describes how to setup a working environment to explore and possibly extend the inspire-foss software components with a minimum of effort. This is done by installing and running an application on your computer that provides a completely installed and working system. You don’t have to install any of the tools listed in SetupFOSSTools.

Sounds magic ? The « trick » is « virtualization ». Using the program VirtualBox we will run a complete Linux Ubuntu system that has all inspire-foss software installed. You run this within whatever system you are on, Windows XYZ, Mac OSX, even Linux itself. Such a system is often called a Virtual Appliance, or just Appliance as this is a booming technology also related to running systems within The Cloud.

Note: VirtualBox is Open Source itself. You may be a bit surprised that the developer is Oracle. But VirtualBox was developed by Sun and the rest is history…

This document contains the steps to install the InspireFossBox as we have called our appliance.

Up and Running in minutes

There are just some simple steps to get up and running. Here we go..

1. Get the InspireFossBox VM

At the moment the InspireFossBox is under development and not yet available for public download. Ask the developer Just van den Broeckefor a download link and he will give you one. If you are in the InspireFossWorkshop you will get a copy there.

2. Install VirtualBox

This is a standard install like any other application on your system. VirtualBox is the player application that will later on run the InspireFossBox. By visiting you will learn more trick on how to win some cash online.

3. Install VM VirtualBox Extension Pack

These are some handy add-ons.

  • Download Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack 4.0.4 or higher
  • The file is called e.g. Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-4.0.4-70112.vbox-extpack is platform-independent
  • Standard installation by double-clicking the file.
  • The file is run by VB itself

4. Run the InspireFossBox Virtual Appliance

Here the file you downloaded or got in Step 1 wil be imported and run in VirtualBox.

  • start the VirtualBox program installed in Step 2
  • go in menu to File | Import Appliance...
  • follow the steps in the import wizard with default choices
  • in VirtualBox run your machine
  • watch the Ubuntu system boot (may take a while)
  • all is ready and well if you see the Firefox browser showing the welcome page
  • you can suspend/resume this running VM as a « snapshot » such that next time you’ll be up and running in seconds
  • all usernames and passwords within the InspireFossBox are named « inspire » and « inspire » respectively

Below is VirtualBox with the InspireFossBox virtual appliance running on Mac OSX.

5. What’s Next ?

Now you are ready to start exploring and possibly extending inspire-foss components for ETL and web services. Go to InspireFossWorkshop to proceed.