The main goal of this workshop is to gain hands-on experience with software components of the inspire-foss project. These components include: ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), web services for WFS and WMS, plus visualisation through a web client. You can experience how these components work together in order to support the entire data delivery chain from raw national data to harmonized INSPIRE data and network services.

In order to quickly get up and running, a so-called Virtual Appliance has been developed that contains a complete Ubuntu Linux environment for running inspire-foss components. In addition this Appliance, named InspireFossBox, runs the IntelliJ IDEA Integrated Development Environment (IDE) using an Open Source license in order to visualize code and data and moreover execute the ETL and to run webservices for WFS and WMS. The only other tool you will need to run within InspireFossBox is the pre-installed Firefox web browser.

Getting Prepared

In order to proceed you should have setup and run the InspireFossBox virtual appliance. This is described in InspireFossBoxSetup.

If all is well and the InspireFossBox appliance is started you should see the screen below.

The Tools

You will only need two tools to run all exercises in the workshop:

  1. IntelliJ IDEA
  2. the Firefox webbrowser

IntelliJ IDEA is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that has been setup for the inspire-foss project with lots of shortcut commands (via Apache Ant) to run ETL, start the deegree server etc. Note: since we use/develop Open Source, IntelliJ bears a free of charge license. Note that you are only allowed to develop Open Source with this license. Since IntelliJ is a fantastic product it is worthwhile to buy a license anyway.

You start the tools as indicated below.

Click on the IntelliJ IDEA icon to start (takes a while).

The Works

This is a WorkShop so this is where the real work starts.

Exploring IntelliJ

Below is is the IntelliJ main screen with the main areas indicated.



In order to setup your own ETL you can follow the guidelines in HowToTransformation.